tapQA’s Webinar series gathers some of the top thought leaders from the Quality Assurance field, along with tapQA’s own Principal and Senior Consultants, for an informative look at trending topics in QA and Software Testing.

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Maintaining QA Productivity in a Work-From-Home World

In the wake of COVID-19, companies nationwide are doing all they can to ensure employee safety. This has led to an unprecedented number of remote workers, creating a “new normal”…

Building The AI-Enabled QA Strategy (with Kevin Surace of Appvance.ai)

You’ve no doubt heard quite a bit about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (AL) over the past few years. The promise of AI / ML and the impacts they…

Data Dependence to Testing Transcendence – Test Data Management Webinar

Have you ever had challenges with unsuitable test data? Have you lost time each cycle due to tracing back data questions to key team members? Is your data structure so complicated and under-documented that you struggle to know where to even start?

How To Implement Design Thinking For Quality In Your Organization

In the 2020’s, the #1 goal for Quality Assurance organizations NEEDS to be end user satisfaction. The view of Quality must be outside-in… with empathy for the end user being the focus of any product development project.

How Design Thinking Will Change QA in the 2020’s

During the 2010’s we saw a fundamental change in the role of QA. The #1 objective of testing and QA organizations worldwide is now to ensure end-user satisfaction, and not mere defect finding.