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WEBINAR | The Importance of Data & Decision Making

In today’s world, we are overwhelmed with data, and the ability to consume it shapes our decision-making. IT organizations have shifted to leaner products and Agile models allowing for both…


Interviewing Best Practices: Our Favorite Strategies

Interviewing has its complexities. People have written cover to cover novels on the Advanced Art of Interviewing, there are classes people spend money on to perfect their interviewing skills, and…

Enhancing your Digital Profile (1)

Enhancing Your Digital Profile: A Quick Start Guide

By 2021 we thought there would be cars in the sky, robots checking us out at the grocery store, and all things would be digitally enhanced. While we are not…

interviewing process

Your Next Role: 4 Best Practices to Secure It

Are you currently on a job search? How can you stand out amongst a pool of extremely qualified candidates? Whether you are a recent college graduate, closing out your contract…

QA Introverts

Top 3 Ways to Engage Introverts in Software Testing

Have you ever been an introvert in a meeting full of extroverts? How about a Zoom call? It can be hard to get a word in. Imagine Albert Einstein, one…

Top 3 Tools for Agile Implementation

Top 3 Tools for Agile Implementations

In the last 10 years, we have seen a rapid evolution in technology tools for software development. The shift to open source tools has created hundreds of new tools for…

Quality in Agile: Coworkers collaborating around a computer

Quality in Agile: Whose Role is it Anyways?

If your Agile Transformation treats quality as an afterthought, you’re not alone.  We often hear our customers say they want to become more agile in their approach to delivering solutions….

How To Manage Sensitive Healthcare Data

How To Manage Sensitive Healthcare Test Data

One of the most challenging components in testing software is in managing test data used throughout the SDLC. Today’s software systems usually consolidate and aggregate data from multiple upstream sources,…

Ensuring Quality in the Expanding World of Healthcare Data | tapQA

Ensuring Quality in the Expanding World of Healthcare Data

Healthcare has long relied on data. The modern patient medical chart, a cornerstone of any visit to the doctor, was an innovation that allowed physicians to keep accurate track of…

Healthcare Software QA

The Importance of QA in Healthcare’s Digital Frontiers

Strong Healthcare Software QA is vital to a seamless, intuitive consumer experience.  The last ten years have seen a rapid advancement in the scope and quality of digital, consumer-facing service…