As one of the nation’s leading Software Testing Services firms, we can attest to this: finding top-notch Quality Assurance talent can be tough.  Relying on internal corporate recruiting teams who are stretched thin by being tasked with dozens of opportunities often results in rushed hires.

General technology placement firms or “headhunters” often recruit for multiple technology disciplines, making it difficult to maintain large, active networks of any one discipline.

With tapQA, you have the power of an experienced National Recruiting Team, that has a laser-focus on just one thing: attracting the best Quality Assurance talent in the country.

Benefits of tapQA’s Contract-To-Hire services include:

  • Ability for both the Client and Consultant to “try before you buy.” This results in increased confidence that there’s a perfect match between an organization and prospective employee, increasing the chances of a great long-term hire and reducing unnecessary turnover.
  • Reduces the amount of time necessary to fill important positions within a QA organization by working with one of the best QA-focused recruiting teams in the country.  Leverage our vast QA network to find the right QA team member at a fraction of the time.
  • Reduces the burden and cost of internal corporate recruiting resources, freeing them up to focus on other positions within an organization.

tapQA’s competitive Contract-To-Hire terms allow your organization to build high-performing QA teams quicker, with a focus on finding an exact long-term fit talent-wise and culture-wise.

Connect with tapQA today and learn more about how we can help build your QA organization over the long haul.