What is Continuous Integration?

Continuous Integration (CI) is a practice in development of merging all developer working copies to a shared mainline several times a day. Every time a new copy is added to the repository it’s verified by an automated build, which will detect errors quickly and allow developers to be more effective with their time.

How We Use Continuous Integration

We know it’s important to get projects off the ground in a way that’s as painless as possible; which is why we’ve embraced continuous integration (CI) for QA. The continuous integration process is important from development to production. tapQA utilizes all of the top CI tools including Selenium, Jenkins and Cucumber to name but a few.

Automation is at the heart of CI.

We use continuous integration to make automation even more productive. The built-in CI code facilitates automated regression testing suites. The automation aspect of CI makes it easy to compile reports, and the flexible nature of CI allows us to meet the specific needs of many different teams.

tapQA utilizes these CI tools to allow your company to focus on development by streamlining feature writing, acceptance testing, and documentation.

The main benefit for your development team is the ability to very quickly detect defects, issues with code, and address them right away while they’re still minor.

  • Spend less time debugging and catch/correct issues faster
  • Continually integrate and test throughout a project
  • Be alerted to changes, builds, and test failures
  • Collaborative development at all stages
  • Better documentation overall, and feature development

Benefits of Continuous Integration

Automating Functional Testing
Automated tests run quickly, decreasing overall testing time and improving your time-to-market.

Cut Costs
Overall QA costs decrease when manual work and QA teams shrink.

Meet SLA’s
Ability to create and meet performance Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).

Better Test Coverage
QA test automation has much greater coverage, especially in processing large data volumes.

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