Migration Testing

One of the most challenging projects for any software organization is the seamless migration from one system to another - projects that every organization will encounter as technology evolves. 

Whether it’s a migration from an older, Legacy software system to a new / upgraded application or the move of a software system to a new host, proper Quality Assurance measures are critical for the success of a migration project.

tapQA has vast experience in Migration Testing. Our teams have worked in multiple challenging environments with many different migration scenarios. We have helped numerous organizations  complete these projects with no downtime or loss of data.

tapQA’s Migration Testing services include the following:

  • Migration Test Strategies: our Principal Consultants will work with your organization pre-migration to create a QA strategy and roadmap for these critical efforts.

  • Risk Identification: as part of creating a migration testing strategy, we’ll help identify risks and ensure test scenarios around these risks.

  • Automation for Test Migration: our team will identify which test cases should be automated, saving significant time and cost from the overall test efforts, then work with your team to create the automated test environments for these efforts.

  • Migration Data Testing: we help ensure data is mapped accurately and test data flows to reduce defects in the new system.

  • Functionality Testing: tapQA’s Functional Testing experts ensure the new system maintains the functionality of legacy systems, where appropriate - so users will not experience any change to their daily routines.

  • Legacy application testing:  During the complex migration process, tapQA will ensure test efforts also focus on Legacy applications to ensure they are working properly during the process, with no down time.

  • Performance Testing: new and upgraded systems should perform as good, if not better, than Legacy systems. tapQA’s team of Performance Testers will create a performance testing environment to ensure your new system is performing at optimal level.

We provide award-winning software test consulting services both onsite, and with our cost competitive onshore testing services from our Quality Headquarters (“QHQ”) in Minneapolis.