WEBINAR | Beyond QA: Simplifying the Journey to Quality Engineering

Beyond QA Simplifying the Journey to Quality Engineering

Many software organizations have seen great benefits in going “Beyond QA” – modernizing their practices to a true Quality Engineering discipline. Software products are tested with greater velocity, developers receive instant feedback on their code, and applications are more stable. Quality Engineering has become a catalyst for organizations to meet their ultimate goal of happy and productive end-users.

The journey from QA to Quality Engineering is an important one – but it doesn’t have to be difficult. With a simplified approach and strategy focused on People, Process, and Technology, QA organizations can save a significant amount of time and money as they transition to QE.

Join Michele Clark, Principal Consultant at tapQA, and Anne Hungate, Head of Technology at RTI International, for a look at Quality Engineering, how some of the top companies have achieved success in moving to QE, and a look at the path an organization can take to go from QC/QA to QE.

You will learn:

– What is Quality Engineering, and Why is it important?
– How to get buy-in for QE within your organization
– A step-by-step process to assess how ready your organization is for QE
– A road map on how to implement QE

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