Internet of Things & Connected Home Devices

The decade of the 2010’s saw the amazing growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices.  According to a recent survey of IoT decision-makers, as many as 41 Billion IoT devices will be connected to the Internet by the year 2027.  With this rapid growth comes incredible software testing challenges as well.  Activities such as Internet browsing will be done by many without a screen, and people will use and experience the Internet in places and situations that would be impossible today.

Software Testing for IoT products will be increasingly difficult as technology evolves.  IoT testing is often “unchartered territory” with both software and devices that have never been on the market before. This is why companies that create IoT technologies need to turn to a proven thought leader in software testing to provide the strategies, process and people necessary to ensure success of these technologies.  

With a strong track record of success in testing IoT technologies, tapQA is a proven thought leader you can trust!

Our team will help build strategies and processes to test a wide variety of IoT Devices, including:

  • Smart Home / Connected Home
  • Smart Watches / Fitness Devices
  • Smart Appliances
  • Voice-Activated Digital Assistants
  • Automotive Technology
  • Smart TV / Entertainment
  • Smart Alarms / Smart Locks
  • Medical Sensors
    …and many more

With years of innovation in the Software Testing Consulting Services space, tapQA is a national firm that can provide the expertise, strategy, and human touch you need for the competitive edge in building and releasing IoT technologies.  Our cost-competitive onshore testing services, or our onsite staff augmentation will ensure your products are meeting the needs of your customers quickly and effectively.

We provide award-winning software test consulting services both onsite, and with our cost competitive onshore testing services from our Quality Headquarters (“QHQ”) in Minneapolis.