Humanual Tester

According to surveys of global Software QA Leaders, we are in an era of QA’s top priority being "end-user satisfaction.” Test professionals, particularly those in manual and non-technical testing roles, have an opportunity to provide so much value in the overall SDLC.  QA organizations have started to focus on a more humanized, empathetic testing approach for mission-critical test efforts to compliment the advantages brought by Test Automation and AI.

Thus the birth of the “Humanual Tester.”

tapQA is on the forefront of promoting the role of the Humanual Tester, by training QA organizations on concepts such as Design Thinking, User-Centered Design, and Persona-based testing.  These empathetic approaches to testing shift the focus of the QA organization from mere defect detection and tracking to a true end-user focus, ensuring your software not only works, but meets the ultimate goal: satisfied end-users who enjoy using your product.

tapQA provides services and expertise around the following:

  • Design Thinking / User-Centered Design Training and Coaching
  • Implementing Design Thinking principles in a QA Organization
  • Humanual Testing Coaching and Training
  • Persona-based Testing Services
  • Empathy-Driven Test Process Development 
  • Shift Left Coaching for QA Organizations

tapQA can help you bring the power of Humanual Testing and Design Thinking to your organization. Please complete the form below for an initial consultation with one of our Principal Consultants.