Security Testing

With technology driving so much our daily lives, a company’s digital success story depends on cybersecurity.  As such, security testing continues to be a necessary part of any application security program. Design flaws, implementation bugs and misconfiguration of environments or networks can all result in vulnerabilities that must be identified prior to release.

Through our security consulting partner, Coveros, we provide security testing experience that includes both manual and automated analysis of applications across the full spectrum of possible vulnerabilities.

With our partnership with Coveros, the security testing services we offer include:

  • Risk-based security testing – Assures identified threats and risks are not able to compromise your systems or access sensitive customer data
  • Security testing of controls – Guarantees all integrated security controls (e.g. authentication, authorization, logging) have been securely integrated
  • Open source libraries – Validates that existing open source frameworks and libraries have no known vulnerabilities
  • System security testing – Tests associated networks, platforms, and 3rd party integrations to assure the application is secure within its environment

A quick way to determine whether your software may be prone to vulnerabilities is through a Security Assessment, powered by Coveros.  We’ll provide full lifecycle analysis of your software development artifacts as well as remediation services to correct the problems we find.

Security analysis typically include a combination of assurance techniques based upon where you are in the development cycle and the criticality of your applications:

  • Misuse/abuse analysis of requirements
  • Threat modeling and architectural risk analysis
  • Secure design reviews
  • Secure code reviews
  • Review of security testing capabilities
  • Red teaming / penetration testing

Remediation services focus on modifying your design and code base to mitigate vulnerabilities and help you deliver secure software faster.

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