WEBINAR | The Importance of Quality in Agile

WEBINAR | The Importance of Quality in Agile

In today’s competitive environment, being the first to market is critical.  However, what happens when there’s such a heavy focus on building teams and changing roles that the quality aspects of your transformation are put on the back burner?  The importance of Quality in Agile is critical. Any move to agility may run into impediments if you haven’t engaged quality from the beginning, or worse, have rushed unfinished or buggy products to market.

Join tapQA and BCforward for this important Webinar on how organizations use an agile mindset and approach to transition from traditional ways of thinking to establishing a Quality Management Office (QMO) when delivering quality products and solutions incrementally.

Our Webinar will help your organization:

  • Empower leadership by Aligning PMO to ensure Quality in Agile teams
  • Meet the Digital Product Demand by enabling organizations to get better focus on digital products by shifting the mindset from project to product
  • Design with Quality by leveraging design thinking and real-time feedback to improve the design of a product to meet/exceed end-user needs
  • Scale compliantly by leverage standardized templates and/or processes to maintain regulatory compliance

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