Coveros helps organizations accelerate the delivery of secure, reliable software. Our Agile and DevOps engineers help you automate your development, testing, security, and delivery practices. Coveros has helped thousands of organizations improve the delivery of mission-critical software through our consulting, coaching, and training programs. We also offer immersive training that couples our 80+ training classes with hands-on coaching and workshop style assessments to help you benchmark and improve your capabilities.

Daring Systems is a unique consulting firm that helps organizations improve their efficiency and impact by knowing and managing their key metrics.  Our experienced consultants and client-side executives  baseline your current practices and work with you to chart a course towards consistency and collaboration.

Daring Systems leverages a partner and consumption-based model so that clients get exactly the right team and services each time.  We work with you to gain traction quickly and realize the full business value of improvements.

Since 1985, Daugherty Business Solutions has specialized in helping companies think bigger and expect more, all while delivering results with a real-world approach. With expertise in the areas of enterprise planning, digital engagement, agile transformation, technology optimization, IoT and Mobile Applications, Data Analytics and more, Daugherty consultants are solving mission-critical projects for some of the most well-known companies in the world. Their partnering ability, proven methods, and team of 1,000+ consultants sets them apart in providing world-class strategy, technology and innovation across all industries and business functions. Discover the Daugherty Difference by visiting

TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS is the inventor of AI-driven testing, which is revolutionizing the software QA process. The company’s premier product is Appvance IQ™, the world’s only AI-driven, unified test automation system. AIQ empowers enterprises to improve the quality, performance, and security of their most critical applications while transforming the efficiency and output of their testing teams. Appvance IQ’s patented machine learning technologies hold the speed record for legitimate data-driven script creation at 6000 unique scripts created in under 10 minutes. This is several thousand times faster than humans can write test scripts in any language or create using any other test software, with or without Artificial Intelligence.

Functionize is an intelligent software testing platform for teams of all sizes and skill sets that combines the power of human insights with machine learning and other AI-based technologies to dramatically reduce the time and cost spent in testing while accelerating product releases. By making plain English the new language of testing Functionize reconnects product teams, developers, and quality engineers. Tests take minutes to create, need no finessing to work cross-platform, and self-heal when you update your UI. This allows your whole team to focus on delivering bug-free software faster, more efficiently, and cheaper.

Sauce Labs is the platform developers trust to help them deliver better software, faster. Our continuous testing cloud accelerates CI/CD without compromising quality, and delivers a 360-degree view of your customers’ application experience, ensuring apps work exactly as they should on every browser, OS, and device. Learn more at