WEBINAR | The Importance of QA in Healthcare’s Digital Frontiers

WEBINAR | The Importance of QA in Healthcare's Digital Frontiers

This decade has seen a rapid advancement in the scope and quality of digital, consumer-facing applications in all facets of life – including healthcare. Although software is not most healthcare organizations’ core business, operating like a software company is now the norm. Accordingly, healthcare organizations have embraced a goal of using modern Quality Engineering approaches.

Join a panel of Healthcare Quality professionals as we discuss how Quality Engineering has a positive impact on the trends toward consumerism in healthcare. Our panel will discuss:

· The importance of Quality Engineering in a consumer-driven healthcare technology world
· Why healthcare organizations need to think like retail companies when it comes to consumer-facing applications
· Ensuring your applications are meeting the needs of specific audiences – both externally, but also internal audiences such as security, audit and infrastructure
· How Quality Engineering has affected healthcare technology changes due to COVID-19
· What healthcare organizations can learn from cutting-edge Quality Engineering teams

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