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tap|QA has been named one of the Top Workplaces in Minnesota!


We are excited to announce that tap|QA has been named one of the Top Workplaces in Minnesota based on an employee-based survey project from the Star Tribune! The Star Tribune Top Workplaces special section was published in the Star Tribune on Sunday, June 16. The report can also be found at www.StarTribune.com/topworkplaces2013. Top Workplaces recognizes the most progressive companies in Minnesota based on employee opinions about organizational health, job expectations and employee engagement. The analysis included responses from over 64,300 employees at Minnesota public, private and nonprofit organizations. To qualify for the Star Tribune Top Workplaces, a company must have more [...]

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On the Job with Richard Faulise


Article by: LAURA FRENCH Special to the Star Tribune Richard Faulise had a fairly simple career plan: "I wanted to do something fun and nerdy. I was that guy who saw Star Wars way too many times." Faulise earned the title "Principal Consultant" as the first full-time employee of tap|QA. Then, two and a half years ago, the company started a program called tap|LAKESHORE, which brings entry-level workers into the QA field at rates competitive with what clients would pay for offshore resources -- but without the culture, language and time zone issues. Faulise runs "boot camps" for the new employees. [...]

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The Rise of the IT Business Analyst!


I really enjoyed this recent article - it is so true that the business analysis function has gained so much momentum in recent years. As spelled out in the article, " Business Analysts are being viewed by more and more IT shops and the corporation at large, as an essential function." At tap|QA, we have been very active with helping our clients fill this critical need. It's our firm belief that quality assurance is every bit as important in the early phases of a project (the requirements gathering phases, etc.) at it is in the testing phases. In other words, QA [...]

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Happiest Job in America: Software Quality Assurance Engineer


When asked to think about the happiest job in America, does your own job come to mind? What job do you think is the happiest job? When asking this question, did these positions come to mind: Customer Service Representative, Accountant, Bank Teller or even Warehouse Manager? Well, according to a survey posted on Forbes.com by Jacquelyn Smith those jobs are listed in the top 20 of The Happiest Jobs in America. The study took nearly a year to compile and coming in at #1 for the Happiest Job in the US is the Software Quality Assurance Engineer! "Since we tend to [...]

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Health Care Professionals can go online for ICD-10 coding resources


According to a podcast by Anne Steciw for SearchHealthIT, despite uncertainty about the October 2013 deadline for transitioning to ICD-10 codes, experts say organizations should begin ICD-10 preparations now, if they haven't already. That includes training coders and other health care professionals impacted by the transition. Click here for the podcast.

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