The Rise of the IT Business Analyst!

I really enjoyed this recent article – it is so true that the business analysis function has gained so much momentum in recent years. As spelled out in the article, “ Business Analysts are being viewed by more and more IT shops and the corporation at large, as an essential function.”

At tap|QA, we have been very active with helping our clients fill this critical need. It’s our firm belief that quality assurance is every bit as important in the early phases of a project (the requirements gathering phases, etc.) at it is in the testing phases. In other words, QA is not just “testing before a release”, QA happens throughout the entire software development lifecycle. If you don’t have quality requirements at the beginning, it becomes more difficult to have a quality output no matter how strong your testing process is.

This article does a great job of highlighting the importance of the BA role. Please connect with us to start the conversation on how tap|QA can help with the business analysis process as well!

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