We use technology to provide meaningful metrics & transparency into your software development.

Our tap|STAFFAUG services are perfect for when you are facing a growing number of projects, rapid company growth, or adoption of new methodologies.

Our services help you fill roles for principal and senior consultants, and also quality analysts and tap|NEARSHORE analysts.

About Our BA and QA Consulting

  • Our tight focus gives us a recruiting and vetting advantage in these skill areas.
  • Many of our consultants with strong QA backgrounds also have business analysis skills. This is not surprising, given how critical requirements are to quality. A BA from tap|QA is an IT professional with formal skills that go beyond being a SME.
  • We include expert oversight of every engagement via a Principal Consultant or Partner at no extra charge. This level of involvement helps maximize the value the client receives and ensures engagement success.
  • We employ our consultants on both salaried and hourly models. This approach gives us access to a greater talent pool than many project firms are able to.
  • The experience level of our consultants ranges from early career up to mid-level, senior, team lead and strategist.
Software BA and QA Consulting

Benefits of Our Staff Augmentation Services


“tap|QA helped us put our program back on track. They were able to quickly determine key course corrections. Their insightful observations hit home with all of the stakeholders.”

PROJECT MANAGER, Transportation Company

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