Quality Engineering and Agile

Quality Engineering and Agile - it's a powerful combination that gives software development organizations worldwide a huge advantage over the competition.

With the combination of Quality Engineering and Agile, software development organizations can build and release better software, faster - with a focus around highly-functional software that satisfies end-users.

Check out our guide to ensure your organization is maximizing your investment in both these areas - we share tips on how to prepare your QA/QE teams for an Agile Transformation, how to best infuse Quality in your Agile projects, and a look at the "definition of done" - something all Quality Leaders need to know.

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Are you taking advantage of this powerful combo?

When it comes to ensuring your organization is maximizing its investments in Quality Engineering and Agile, tapQA and BCforward is a winning combination! Our Principal Consultants will craft a roadmap for optimizing your Agile processes and ensuring Quality is being infused throughout, and will provide the expertise to execute on the consulting expertise to execute on the roadmap - helping you deliver better software, faster, to your audience.

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