Quality Engineering in Agile

Agile software development principles have allowed organizations to release better products to their intended customers in a shorter period of time. Those organizations that have adopted a solid Quality Engineering approach coupled with Agile have seen incredible benefits in the creation of stable, usable software products with a satisfied customer base.

Check out our latest infographic on why Quality & Agile is such a powerful combination and steps you can take to ensure you are maximizing the value of your software development efforts. 

Are you maximizing Quality on your Agile teams?

BCforward and tapQA will bring Principal Consultants and Senior Advisors to your organization to help guide you through your Agile transformation, maximizing your investment in Agile and ensuring you are creating the best software possible, as quickly as possible. 

With the tapQA approach to Strategic Quality, you will also ensure your products are stable and bug-free, resulting in happier end-users, less headaches, and a huge competitive edge.

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