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The Market for Software QA Professionals has Never Been Hotter

The Market for Software QA Professionals has Never Been Hotter As a “Pure Play” Quality Assurance consulting firm, we at tap|QA have been hearing numerous questions centered on the same theme over the past couple of years: “We’ve never had such a hard time finding talented QA people for our team – why is that?”  “How come I can find a developer relatively easily, but finding a strong test automation [...]

For the 5th time this decade, tap|QA is on the Fast 50 list!

ST. LOUIS PARK, MN-- (Oct 17, 2018) - tap|QA, a specialized provider of software quality assurance and analysis consulting services, has been recognized by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the Twin Cities area for the 5th time since 2013. tap|QA placed #37 on this year's Fast 50 list, as announced by the Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal.  tap|QA's Fast 50 [...]

tap|QA has been named to the Inc. 5000 List again!

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, AUGUST 16, 2018 — For the fourth time, tap|QA, a Minneapolis-based IT Services Firm is proud to announce their appearance on the Inc. 5000 List!  In 2018, tap|QA ranked #3555 on Inc. Magazine’s annual list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies. From 2014-2018, tap|QA experienced a growth rate of 106%.  tap|QA joins a rare group of companies to be named to this prestigious list 4 times this decade. tap|QA is one [...]

Home of the Big Game… and Great QA

Super Bowl 52 is this weekend, and the eyes of the world are on our hometown, Minneapolis.  We’re incredibly excited to host The Big Game! With “The Twin Cities” being in the spotlight this week, we wanted to take this opportunity to talk about how our region might be the ideal location for great QA work as well. Since our inception in 2010, tap|QA has helped companies improve their velocity [...]

For the 4th time in 5 years, tap|QA has been named to the Fast 50!

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, OCTOBER 20, 2017 — For the fourth time in five years, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal has named tap|QA, a Minneapolis-based IT Services Firm, to its “Fast 50,” a list of the 50 Fastest-Growing Companies in the Twin Cities! The Fast 50 is calculated by ranking Twin Cities-based private companies by their three-year growth.  From 2014-2016, tap|QA experienced a growth rate of 53.57%, which placed the company as [...]

tapQA Interview with Mike Faulise

StarEast 2017 - Jennifer Bonine interviews tap|QA's Mike Faulise on the value tap|QA brings and trends in testing & hiring in the QA industry.

  • When considering where to outsource your quality assurance, do you look at offshoring or nearshoring?

QA Offshoring vs Onshoring

The word ‘outsource’ has gained some bad PR in recent years as many people associate it with “offshoring.” At tap|QA, we are firm believers that, when done correctly, outsourcing can be an absolute game changer for IT organizations. Why outsource software testing and QA? Top notch quality assurance organizations don’t grow overnight. QA professionals are in higher demand than ever before. Sometimes you can’t find the right level of local [...]

  • The Futures of Testers and SDETs

The Future of Testers and SDETs

The American dream: pushing businesses forward, motivating new and improved technology, and evolving software cycles to deliver quality content. It’s a futuristic and rapidly growing world we live in, which brings us to the question: where is software and QA testing heading? Software testing and other quality assurance practices are seemingly getting absorbed into the product software development cycle due to the high demand for able and adaptive technology, yet [...]

  • Technology Corner Episode 1: Native Application Android with Gherkin/Calabash

Technology Corner Episode 1: Native Application Android with Calabash and Gherkin

Welcome to our first episode of Technology Corner! Technology Corner is a monthly "how-to" with some example code and a short tutorial on using it with our QA automation engineers. For our first episode, we'll be demoing Calabash for Native Application Android Tests. Sample Code for Using Calabash and Gherkin to Test a Native Android Application We've provided a snippet of code below for the website, [...]

  • Software Testers are an integral part of the software development cycle and quality assurance

Quality First: The Importance of Software Testers

The Role and Relevance of Software Testers Wouldn’t it be convenient if there were a way to ensure the quality and functionality of software and applications before they went on their way to your end users? You’ve heard of software testers and SDETs, and if you’re in the industry of QA, somehow you may be under the impression that their roles in development come with an expiration date (no offense, [...]

  • The Next Generation of IoT and Why Quality is Business Critical

The Next Generation of IoT and Why Quality is Business Critical

An expansive industry, expanded Whenever presented with the opportunity to research and talk about the Internet of Things, (IoT), we realize how mind-blowing it really is! The industry has grown so rapidly, almost unlike any the world has seen, and the power to monitor, analyze, optimize, and make decisions from the data of our everyday experiences is literally at our fingertips. The fingertips of those affected by the IoT for [...]

  • tap|QA has been named to the 2016 Fast 50!

tap|QA has been named to the 2016 Fast 50!

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, OCTOBER 14, 2016 — For the third time since 2013, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal has named tap|QA, a Minneapolis-based IT Services Firm, to its “Fast 50,” a list of the 50 Fastest-Growing Companies in the Twin Cities! From 2013-2015, tap|QA experienced a growth rate of 56.01%, which placed the company as the 37th fastest growing company in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.  This is the third time tap|QA has [...]

  • tap|QA Does Continuous Integration with Jenkins

Continuous Integration with Jenkins

Behind every business is a network of processes, tools and technology, employees, and business consultants filling in the gaps. A company can’t be an expert at everything, and that’s where tap|QA comes in. We help companies with software development projects to streamline the entire process of testing, and automate as much as we can to minimize the need for additional headcount. Continuous Integration is an important part of the development [...]

  • Mobile Testing Trends for Mobile Application Development, Mobile Application Testing and QA

9 Mobile Testing Trends of 2016

In the pockets of the majority of the adult population is a device that has been gaining developmental momentum since its birth: the mobile phone. Organizations of all sizes are utilizing mobile technology to reach consumers through mobile applications. These applications are meant to enhance customer experience, provide entertainment, eliminate barriers to purchases and sales, provide a data capturing tool, and attempt to fuel the next big thing. When organizations [...]

  • What is an SDET and how do they influence the QA industry?

What is an SDET?

Along with the innovations of technology, the careers that go with it have evolved, especially when it comes to Quality Assurance (QA), general knowledge, and development of the products we use for business. Behold the new and improved Software Development Engineer in Test or SDET - architect, constructor, surveyor, and tester. What is SDET? SDET, software development engineer in test (or software design engineer in test) is a professional who can participate [...]

  • The importance of optimizing automation testing results

Expected ‘false’ to be ‘true’ – Optimizing Automated Testing Results

So you feel your team is solid with over 200 automated tests covering all significant functionality of the app. You share the automated testing results link, expecting cheers and congratulatory sentiments but instead you are asked the question, “What does ‘expected false to be true’ mean”? A fundamental aspect of automation testing is presenting test results that are understandable. Unfortunately, this is often neglected or forgotten about until after test [...]

Where is Continuous Integration (CI) Headed?

There has been a good amount of discussion recently surrounding continuous integration (CI) implementations. Mainly the conversations have focused on getting systems up and running within this new concept. As these systems are maturing though, there has become a larger need to understand where do we go next, and how far we can go with CI? CI has opened the door for test engineers to show off their coding skills, [...]

tap|QA is on the Inc. 5000 List for the third straight year!

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, AUGUST 18, 2016 -- For the third straight year, tap|QA, a Minneapolis-based IT Services Firm is proud to announce their appearance on the Inc. 5000 List!  In 2016, tap|QA ranked #3828 on Inc. Magazine’s annual list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies. From 2012-2015, tap|QA experienced a growth rate of 79%.  tap|QA joined just a handful of companies founded since the beginning of 2010 to have been named to the Inc. [...]

tapQA Interview with Jane Fraser from Anki

StarEast 2016 - tap|QA's Jennifer Bonine interviews Jane Fraser from Anki about the Internet of Things (IoT), designing user interface for environmental factors, software testing for IoT, and what's new with Anki's robotic cars.

tapQA Interview with Dawn Haynes from PerfTestPlus

StarEast 2016 – tap|QA’s Jennifer Bonine interviews Dawn Haynes from PerfTestPlus, Inc. about the pre-conference opportunities at Star East and other opportunities to get the most out of the conference.

tapQA Interview with Brandon Carlson from Lean Techniques

StarEast 2016 - tap|QA's Jennifer Bonine interviews Brandon Carlson from Lean Techniques about DevOps & Agile, and how it's impacting the communities for testing and bringing about tighter integration in the development cycle. Brandon is a developer, and is at the conference to gain insights into how development can work better with testing and innovate together.

tapQA Interview with Annette Ash from SolutionsIQ

StarEast 2016 - tap|QA's Jennifer Bonine interviews Annette Ash from SolutionsIQ about how she got to where she is today in her career. Annette talks about making the leap from a full-time employee to being a consultant for testing with Agile, and being a coach for teams starting this journey. Annette also touches on utilizing SonarQube as an open source solution.

tapQA Interview with Melissa Benua from PlayFab

StarEast 2016 - tap|QA's Jennifer Bonine interviews Melissa Benua from PlayFab about her background as an SDET at Microsoft to where she is now doing continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment with game development. PlayFab provides backend services for video game developers big and small, and Melissa talks about some of the hiring practices around entry level applicants through the use of quantitative testing.

tapQA Interview with Mike Sowers

StarEast 2016 - tap|QA's Jennifer Bonine interviews Mike Sowers and talks about the Star East conference and building up the community. In the test lab, there was a game where you had to figure out what rule they were applying to the cards and card games to work on forensic abilities. Mike also talks about his background in the industry a little and how he started out as a tester. [...]

tapQA Interview with Mike Wasielczyk from T. Rowe Price

StarEast 2016 - tap|QA's Jennifer Bonine interviews Mike Wasielczyk from T. Rowe Price about a situation where he came in as a test manager in a new organization with no testing practices in place, no corporate culture around testing, development process was chaotic, and they had a particular date to hit to deploy the product. Mike discusses some of what he did over the time he had to get to a successful [...]

tapQA Interview with Marjana Shammi from IceMobile

StarEast 2016 - tap|QA's Jennifer Bonine interviews Marjana Shammi from IceMobile about automation and testing.  Marjana talks about some of the more qualitative aspects of helping develop an application that keeps users engaged and connected. Marjana also touches on the topic of Agile.

tapQA Interview with Sylvia from HP

StarEast 2016 - tap|QA's Jennifer Bonine interviews Sylvia from HP. Sylvia discusses ongoing changes in the marketplace with the newer generations along with the lack of brand loyalty and the focus on quality of applications. They also discuss the importance of testers and developers using Agile. Sylvia touches on the world quality report and the fact that 40% of development is now focused on testing and quality.

tapQA Interview with Alison Wade from Techwell

StarEast 2016 - tap|QA's Jennifer Bonine interviews Alison Wade from Techwell. There's a 14% increase in traffic this year to Star East with over a thousand people. Alison talks about the importance of women in the testing space and making sure both men and women are involved with the user experience (UX) side of development.

tapQA Interview with Mike Faulise

StarEast 2016 - tap|QA's Jennifer Bonine interviews Mike Faulise. Mike talks about hiring practices in the testing industry. Mike also discusses trends in the industry such as open source, DevOps, Agile, continuous integration (CI), etc. When looking for partners in the industry, there's a value in outsourcing to a company that uses nearshoring instead of offshoring practices, which provides a better quality of service at an overall lower price point.

tapQA Interview with Shauna Ayers & Catherine Cruz Agosto from Availity

StarEast 2016 - tap|QA's Jennifer Bonine interviews Shauna Ayers & Catherine Cruz Agosto from Availity. Shauna and Catherine both talk about the value of data and data profiling in software testing. They discuss the relationship between the data, software and systems. Data analysts are quality analysts with a specialized focus.

tapQA Interview with Jeff Payne from Coveros

StarEast 2016 - tap|QA's Jennifer Bonine interviews Jeff Payne from Coveros. Jeff talks about DevOps and Agile, and how to learn about these topics with the books like the Phoenix Project.  DevOps is a philosophy about getting everybody collaborating, communicating together, and figuring out how to make the process better. Jeff touches on how Agile and DevOps are very related and used together.

  • How does the IoT affect software and mobile testing?

Upcoming IoT Webinar with Jennifer Bonine

Is your office is focused on the trivial or on the real "game changers"? If you want to focus on the real game changers- then this webinar is something you shouldn't miss! In the next few years when more than 20 BILLION devices will be connected to the Internet, and many of us will be Internet of Things (IoT) testers- in one way or another.  In this webinar, we will be sharing [...]

Quality Assurance Consulting Workforce Development is DIY

TheJob4me article "For Tap|QA, Workforce Development Is DIY" highlights how tapQA uses a DIY approach to acquiring new talent for quality assurance testing and consulting. According to Michael Faulise, “To me, there are two fundamental things we care about. First, creativity. A QA person needs to think of different ways to break something. Second is the analytical piece—the testing approach has to be well documented. Anybody can be a good cook [...]

  • QAI Quest 2016 Conference Sponsored by tapQA

Our Next Steps after the QAI Quest Conference

Thank you for stopping by the tap|QA "Wiping bugs out!" booth at the 2016 QAI Quest Conference in Chicago. As the platinum sponsor we had a fantastic time at the conference & at our special event at the House of Blues that tap|QA hosted. Now we'd like to touch base with the great connections we made. My colleague Jennifer Bonine, VP, Global Delivery and Solutions tap|QA, whom you may have [...]

tap|QA is on the Inc 5000 list for the 2nd straight year!

SAINT LOUIS PARK, MN AUGUST 12, 2015 For the second straight year, tap|QA is proud to announce their appearance on the Inc 5000 List!  In 2015, tap|QA ranked #3813 on Inc. Magazine's annual list of America's Fastest Growing Companies. From 2011-2014, tap|QA experienced a growth rate of 79%.  The company remained one of the youngest companies on the list, having been founded just 5 years ago, in 2010. The Minneapolis-area [...]

tap|QA is a Top 15 Management Consulting Firm in the Twin Cities!

For the third consecutive year, tap|QA has been named to the Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal's list of Top Management Consulting Firms. This year, our explosive growth pushed us to our highest ranking yet! We ranked 15th - moving up several spots from last year. The full list can be found here: "We're extremely excited about our ascension up this list," said Partner Kimberly Bunda. "There are a number of great firms [...]

tap|QA Welcomes Minneapolis QA Expert Steve Timmerman to our Team!

SAINT LOUIS PARK, MN, September 9th –tap|QA is excited to announce the hiring of local Quality Assurance expert Steve Timmerman. Steve will serve as tap|QA’s Director of Quality Assurance Delivery. He will play multiple roles with the organization, both client-facing and internal, particularly focusing on tap|QA’s continued expansion into markets beyond the Twin Cities. Steve Timmerman is one of Minnesota’s most accomplished QA professionals. He has devoted his entire 25-year [...]

tap|QA is named #781 on the 2014 Inc. 5000 list!

Saint Louis Park, MN, August 20, 2014 – For the first time, tap|QA has been named to Inc. Magazine’s annual list of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies. In its first year of eligibility, tap|QA ranked #781 on the 2014 Inc. 5000. Additionally, the software testing and quality assurance consulting firm rated highly in other categories as well. tap|QA was the 9th fastest growing company in both the state of Minnesota and [...]

tap|QA’s Stephanie Sasik featured in the Star Tribune!

The StarTribune's Laura French wrote an article featuring tap|QA consultant Stephanie Sasik for the July 27th "My Job" feature. In the article, Stephanie talks about her foray into the Quality Assurance and IT Consulting field, despite having a "traditional technology background." Please check out the entire article My Job: Stephanie Sasik. Stephanie's story is not all that different from many of our consultants who have started their IT and QA [...]

tap|QA Lunch & Learn: Continuous Integration – Seamless Integration between Development & Testing

Please join tap|QA for a Lunch & Learn presentation examining Continuous Integration and how we are leveraging Technology to seamlessly integrate Development and QA. The Lunch & Learn will be held from 11:30am-1pm on April 2nd, 2014 at tap|QA, 1660 Highway 100, Suite 260, St. Louis Park, MN 55416 and lunch will be provided. Speaker: Richard Faulise Richard is currently a Principal Consultant at tap|QA leading our tap|Technology Group and [...]

tap|QA Named as the Twin Cities’ 3rd Fastest Growing Private Company!

ST. LOUIS PARK, MN-- (Oct 25, 2013) - tap|QA, a specialized provider of software quality assurance and analysis consulting services, announced today that it has been recognized by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal as the 3rd fastest-growing privately held company in the Twin Cities area. tap|QA was named to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal's Fast 50 list in its first year of eligibility and, as the only company founded after [...]

Please Visit tap|QA at STARWEST!

Please visit us at STARWEST! It is the premier event for quality assurance and software testing professionals where there will be over 100 learning and networking opportunities! Learn how you can become a TESTING ROCK STAR! The event is September 29-October 4 at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California. Click the link to register or simply find out more, and we hope to see you at tap|QA's booth (#12) at [...]

tap|QA has been named one of the Top Workplaces in Minnesota!

We are excited to announce that tap|QA has been named one of the Top Workplaces in Minnesota based on an employee-based survey project from the Star Tribune! The Star Tribune Top Workplaces special section was published in the Star Tribune on Sunday, June 16. The report can also be found at Top Workplaces recognizes the most progressive companies in Minnesota based on employee opinions about organizational health, job expectations [...]

Regression Testing or Retesting

In a recent blog post by Mind Hunters. What is the difference between Regression and Re-testing? There's no surprise if you have faced such questions in interviews in the past. What is Regression or what is re-testing? Why is there so much confusion?

On the Job with Richard Faulise

Article by: LAURA FRENCH Special to the Star Tribune Richard Faulise had a fairly simple career plan: "I wanted to do something fun and nerdy. I was that guy who saw Star Wars way too many times." Faulise earned the title "Principal Consultant" as the first full-time employee of tap|QA. Then, two and a half years ago, the company started a program called tap|LAKESHORE, which brings entry-level workers into the [...]

The Rise of the IT Business Analyst!

I really enjoyed this recent article - it is so true that the business analysis function has gained so much momentum in recent years. As spelled out in the article, " Business Analysts are being viewed by more and more IT shops and the corporation at large, as an essential function." At tap|QA, we have been very active with helping our clients fill this critical need. It's our firm belief [...]

Testing the Usability of a Website

In a recent blog post by Jeroen Mengerink. How usable is a website? This largely depends on the perspective, are you the content manager, the marketeer, the customer. This means that we can test for usability from all these user perspectives. The main point to learn from this is that we need requirements for all these perspectives too. For instance: content managers should be involved when developing and testing a [...]

Advantages & Disadvantages of XML

In an article by Tech Mynd. If you're wondering what XML is and whether or not you should use it, read this article about the advantages and disadvantages of XML.

How to Test – Antivirus Program is Working Fine or Dead

In an article by Tech Mynd. Sometimes we use trial version of an Antivirus and when it expires, we just let it rot in the taskbar for a while (just in case) and do not uninstall. But we do not know whether it is working or not. In another case Antivirus Program can be corrupted by any vicious virus and cease to work. How can you test that whether your [...]

Happiest Job in America: Software Quality Assurance Engineer

When asked to think about the happiest job in America, does your own job come to mind? What job do you think is the happiest job? When asking this question, did these positions come to mind: Customer Service Representative, Accountant, Bank Teller or even Warehouse Manager? Well, according to a survey posted on by Jacquelyn Smith those jobs are listed in the top 20 of The Happiest Jobs in [...]

Health Care Professionals can go online for ICD-10 coding resources

According to a podcast by Anne Steciw for SearchHealthIT, despite uncertainty about the October 2013 deadline for transitioning to ICD-10 codes, experts say organizations should begin ICD-10 preparations now, if they haven't already. That includes training coders and other health care professionals impacted by the transition. Click here for the podcast.

Load Testing COM+ objects

COM+ objects are used in several application environments and load testing them can be complex and time consuming. There are three distinct ways to record the API COM traffic.