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tapQA Interview with Mike Faulise


StarEast 2017 - Jennifer Bonine interviews tap|QA's Mike Faulise on the value tap|QA brings and trends in testing & hiring in the QA industry.

tapQA Interview with Mike Faulise2017-06-07T13:49:22-05:00
  • tap|QA Does Continuous Integration with Jenkins

Continuous Integration with Jenkins


Behind every business is a network of processes, tools and technology, employees, and business consultants filling in the gaps. A company can’t be an expert at everything, and that’s where tap|QA comes in. We help companies with software development projects to streamline the entire process of testing, and automate as much as we can to minimize the need for additional headcount. Continuous Integration is an important part of the development and testing process that helps keep everything on track, and keeps issues to a minimum and minor. How Does Continuous Integration (CI) Work? Continuous integration (CI) is the process of sending [...]

Continuous Integration with Jenkins2017-05-18T20:17:08-05:00
  • Mobile Testing Trends for Mobile Application Development, Mobile Application Testing and QA

9 Mobile Testing Trends of 2016


In the pockets of the majority of the adult population is a device that has been gaining developmental momentum since its birth: the mobile phone. Organizations of all sizes are utilizing mobile technology to reach consumers through mobile applications. These applications are meant to enhance customer experience, provide entertainment, eliminate barriers to purchases and sales, provide a data capturing tool, and attempt to fuel the next big thing. When organizations produce mobile applications, they need to consider modern practices that guarantee it functions appropriately and securely. Personalization, neat design, and compatibility with multiple devices are all a crucial focus; but what [...]

9 Mobile Testing Trends of 20162019-01-18T15:49:58-06:00
  • The importance of optimizing automation testing results

Expected ‘false’ to be ‘true’ – Optimizing Automated Testing Results


So you feel your team is solid with over 200 automated tests covering all significant functionality of the app. You share the automated testing results link, expecting cheers and congratulatory sentiments but instead you are asked the question, “What does ‘expected false to be true’ mean”? A fundamental aspect of automation testing is presenting test results that are understandable. Unfortunately, this is often neglected or forgotten about until after test suites have been developed for some time. There is often the mindset from the get-go that “We need to get something built out now!” This situation can result in expensive, time-consuming [...]

Expected ‘false’ to be ‘true’ – Optimizing Automated Testing Results2017-05-18T20:17:08-05:00

tapQA Interview with Jane Fraser from Anki


StarEast 2016 - tap|QA's Jennifer Bonine interviews Jane Fraser from Anki about the Internet of Things (IoT), designing user interface for environmental factors, software testing for IoT, and what's new with Anki's robotic cars.

tapQA Interview with Jane Fraser from Anki2016-08-11T15:06:56-05:00

tapQA Interview with Dawn Haynes from PerfTestPlus


StarEast 2016 – tap|QA’s Jennifer Bonine interviews Dawn Haynes from PerfTestPlus, Inc. about the pre-conference opportunities at Star East and other opportunities to get the most out of the conference.

tapQA Interview with Dawn Haynes from PerfTestPlus2016-08-11T15:06:46-05:00

tapQA Interview with Brandon Carlson from Lean Techniques


StarEast 2016 - tap|QA's Jennifer Bonine interviews Brandon Carlson from Lean Techniques about DevOps & Agile, and how it's impacting the communities for testing and bringing about tighter integration in the development cycle. Brandon is a developer, and is at the conference to gain insights into how development can work better with testing and innovate together.

tapQA Interview with Brandon Carlson from Lean Techniques2016-08-09T12:43:36-05:00

tapQA Interview with Annette Ash from SolutionsIQ


StarEast 2016 - tap|QA's Jennifer Bonine interviews Annette Ash from SolutionsIQ about how she got to where she is today in her career. Annette talks about making the leap from a full-time employee to being a consultant for testing with Agile, and being a coach for teams starting this journey. Annette also touches on utilizing SonarQube as an open source solution.

tapQA Interview with Annette Ash from SolutionsIQ2016-08-09T13:09:55-05:00

tapQA Interview with Melissa Benua from PlayFab


StarEast 2016 - tap|QA's Jennifer Bonine interviews Melissa Benua from PlayFab about her background as an SDET at Microsoft to where she is now doing continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment with game development. PlayFab provides backend services for video game developers big and small, and Melissa talks about some of the hiring practices around entry level applicants through the use of quantitative testing.

tapQA Interview with Melissa Benua from PlayFab2016-08-09T13:18:06-05:00

tapQA Interview with Mike Sowers


StarEast 2016 - tap|QA's Jennifer Bonine interviews Mike Sowers and talks about the Star East conference and building up the community. In the test lab, there was a game where you had to figure out what rule they were applying to the cards and card games to work on forensic abilities. Mike also talks about his background in the industry a little and how he started out as a tester. They also touch on the topics of Agile, DevOps, Cloud, Mobile, and IoT (Internet of Things).

tapQA Interview with Mike Sowers2016-08-09T13:27:55-05:00