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Home of the Big Game… and Great QA


Super Bowl 52 is this weekend, and the eyes of the world are on our hometown, Minneapolis.  We’re incredibly excited to host The Big Game! With “The Twin Cities” being in the spotlight this week, we wanted to take this opportunity to talk about how our region might be the ideal location for great QA work as well. Since our inception in 2010, tap|QA has helped companies improve their velocity of testing while decreasing their costs of Quality.  We provide industry-leading expertise in test automation, continuous integration, DevOps, and QA Process.  We bring work back to the United States at a [...]

Home of the Big Game… and Great QA2019-01-18T15:47:11-05:00
  • When considering where to outsource your quality assurance, do you look at offshoring or nearshoring?

QA Offshoring vs Onshoring


The word ‘outsource’ has gained some bad PR in recent years as many people associate it with “offshoring.” At tap|QA, we are firm believers that, when done correctly, outsourcing can be an absolute game changer for IT organizations. Why outsource software testing and QA? Top notch quality assurance organizations don’t grow overnight. QA professionals are in higher demand than ever before. Sometimes you can’t find the right level of local talent for current needs, which can negatively impact development projects by causing missed deadlines, or worse, releasing a product that is filled with bugs. When the demand for quality software testing [...]

QA Offshoring vs Onshoring2019-01-18T15:48:59-05:00
  • The Futures of Testers and SDETs

The Future of Testers and SDETs


The American dream: pushing businesses forward, motivating new and improved technology, and evolving software cycles to deliver quality content. It’s a futuristic and rapidly growing world we live in, which brings us to the question: where is software and QA testing heading? Software testing and other quality assurance practices are seemingly getting absorbed into the product software development cycle due to the high demand for able and adaptive technology, yet there’s a buzz going around that the future is looking a little dim for software testing and the Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET). The truth is that the role of [...]

The Future of Testers and SDETs2017-05-18T20:17:08-05:00
  • Technology Corner Episode 1: Native Application Android with Gherkin/Calabash

Technology Corner Episode 1: Native Application Android with Calabash and Gherkin


Welcome to our first episode of Technology Corner! Technology Corner is a monthly "how-to" with some example code and a short tutorial on using it with our QA automation engineers. For our first episode, we'll be demoing Calabash for Native Application Android Tests. Sample Code for Using Calabash and Gherkin to Test a Native Android Application We've provided a snippet of code below for the website, and a download form below that to get the entire sample test code package for using Calabash and Gherkin to test a native Android application. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <module type="RUBY_MODULE" version="4"> [...]

Technology Corner Episode 1: Native Application Android with Calabash and Gherkin2017-05-18T20:17:08-05:00
  • Software Testers are an integral part of the software development cycle and quality assurance

Quality First: The Importance of Software Testers


The Role and Relevance of Software Testers Wouldn’t it be convenient if there were a way to ensure the quality and functionality of software and applications before they went on their way to your end users? You’ve heard of software testers and SDETs, and if you’re in the industry of QA, somehow you may be under the impression that their roles in development come with an expiration date (no offense, testers). Somewhere along the way software testers have become viewed as the second or third-string of the software development team; but in actuality they are one of the most important and [...]

Quality First: The Importance of Software Testers2019-01-18T15:49:37-05:00
  • The Next Generation of IoT and Why Quality is Business Critical

The Next Generation of IoT and Why Quality is Business Critical


An expansive industry, expanded Whenever presented with the opportunity to research and talk about the Internet of Things, (IoT), we realize how mind-blowing it really is! The industry has grown so rapidly, almost unlike any the world has seen, and the power to monitor, analyze, optimize, and make decisions from the data of our everyday experiences is literally at our fingertips. The fingertips of those affected by the IoT for the most part belong to the consumers of things like a smart refrigerator, Fitbit, a smart toothbrush, and now, even a smart, self-driving car, of which we’re still awaiting the Kristen [...]

The Next Generation of IoT and Why Quality is Business Critical2016-10-27T11:23:43-05:00
  • What is an SDET and how do they influence the QA industry?

What is an SDET?


Along with the innovations of technology, the careers that go with it have evolved, especially when it comes to Quality Assurance (QA), general knowledge, and development of the products we use for business. Behold the new and improved Software Development Engineer in Test or SDET - architect, constructor, surveyor, and tester. What is SDET? SDET, software development engineer in test (or software design engineer in test) is a professional who can participate in the development and testing of an application or software. What are the duties of an SDET? It seems like as technology grows, titles and job descriptions get more intricate, as [...]

What is an SDET?2017-05-18T20:17:08-05:00