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A large multimedia company based in San Francisco had worked with an offshore provider for several years to provide desktop and mobile testing. The offshore provider had a 20 person testing team. The testing team was responsible for manual and automated testing both creating and executing the test cases/scripts.

Issue with Offshore Providers

The company was not happy with their offshore provider based on their productivity and reporting transparency. Their testing and reporting were consistently inaccurate and showed limited test coverage, tractability or test case creation. Their ability to create test cases and find meaningful defects month after month showed limited value the offshore solution provided. As the company also shifted to Agile Development the offshore testing model caused issues with the time difference and timely availability of resources. Based on the lack of value and poor performance the company started looking for a new solution.

An Onshore Solution

The VP of Development at the company wanted to shift to a onshore Solution. The tap|LAKESHORE solution was chosen as the onshore solution to implement. The tap|LAKESHORE solution is a onshore Solution that utilizes resources based in Minneapolis, Minnesota that has a similar blended rate to offshore. Great fit for Agile or Iterative shops as the team matched the working hours for the company.

The Big Results


tap|QA utilized a team of seven testers, 13 less than the offshore team. This reduced the number of resources by 65%.

Onshore Solutions like tap|LAKESHORE can reduce resources


The overall cost was reduced by 45%.

Onshore Solutions like tap|LAKESHORE can reduce resources


After analyzing the offshore team’s work, tapQA found that they were only providing 9% coverage. tap|QA increased the coverage to 94% within six months. tap|QA introduced a redesigned automation framework to enhance productivity and effectiveness. tap|QA also analyzed the platforms the offshore team was testing. The offshore team tested desktop and mobile. tap|QA tested desktop and mobile, but added testing for television, automobiles, machines, and wearable technology.

Onshore Solutions like tap|LAKESHORE can increase coverage and productivity

The Bottom Line

tap|LAKESHORE onshore solution cut costs by 45%, reduced resources by 65%, tripled the number of platforms the offshore team wastesting, and increased coverage by 85%.