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tap|QA offers a number of solutions designed to complement your company’s core competencies. From strategic planning, to software testing QA, to nearshore resources, to continuous integration, and more, tap|QA has you covered. Our years of expertise, utilization of local resources, and competitive pricing put our solution offerings at the head of the pack.

Software Testing QA

Our Quality Solutions


Strategic consulting and business process improvement to optimize IT capabilities, technology & organizational structure.


Strategic consulting and implementation of requirements, quality, release, and change management technology including automation and performance tools.


Leveraging our key experts and consultants for your business needs including CI, Automation & Load Test strategy, environment management, test plans, and more.


Cost-competitive with offshore, but operating locally and led by a senior lead. Our team members can operate at our site in Minneapolis or embedded with your team.

Organizational IT Process, Structure & Technology, Continuous Integration, Performance & Automation, QA, BA & nearshoring

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