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We write and execute test cases that make your software or web application better.

What is Software QA?

Software quality assurance (QA) is the entire development process (not just the individual parts such as systems, code, documentation, etc.) that ensures standards and procedures are followed, and that problems are found and eradicated. Software testing is a part of the software QA process. QA specialists work to streamline the software engineering process to minimize the number of defects and bugs in pre-release and of course in the final release.

Quality software is technically bug-free, secure, and maintainable. While quality can be a subjective term, we believe quality software is also delivered on-schedule, meets requirements, is purposeful, and user-friendly. Different software products may require different standards such as ISO 9000 or CMMI, and we are able to assist with the appropriate standard needed for your software application.

tap|QA is a leader in the software QA space with the ability to assist our clients from strategy to deployment with any and all application development projects.

What is Software Testing?

Software testing involves operating the software in controlled conditions, both normal and abnormal, and monitoring the results. Testing can reveal bugs that prevent an application from functioning properly, cause issues with the user experience being intuitive, include security holes, and much more.

Types of software testing include manual testing and automated testing.

What is Continuous Testing?

Continuous testing is a process that involves running automated tests as a part of the software delivery pipeline in order to provide an immediate qualitative assessment of risk, and to mitigate that risk through actionable tasks. Continuous testing also provides a process for continually improving the effectiveness of the automated testing through the user of better detection patterns.

Continuous testing often relies on open source tools such as Selenium, Jenkins, Cucumber, JMeter, LoadRunner, etc. for automating the functionality testing of code within the development process.

Does my project need testing?

Regardless of the size and context of the project, the known risks, development process, and the skill and experience of the developers, most applications need thorough testing before release. Even if it seems like a harmless web application, testing helps ensure that what you’re publishing is well-developed, user accepted, and secure.

Do I need to outsource my software testing?

In some, if not all cases, it’s wise to outsource your software testing to a firm that does nothing but staff software QA testers. These companies have a variety of skills, tools, and knowledge on the best ways to test software, and what to do when problems are found or something goes wrong.

Outsourcing software QA doesn’t have to mean offshoring. Companies like tap|QA are known to save companies time, money, and resources in outsourcing software QA, even without offshoring. Our tap|LAKESHORE solution is a nearshore solution that’s proven superior to offshoring time and time again.

Benefits of our Software Testing Services

Save Time

Automated tests run quickly, decreasing overall testing time and improving your time-to-market.

Cut Costs

Overall QA costs decrease when manual work and QA teams shrink.

Improve Product Quality

We ensure efficient and accurate testing of your software product.

Better Test Coverage

We use software test automation for greater coverage, especially in processing large data volumes.

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